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Why would anyone want to build their own coffin?

Coffin building (and decorating) can be very healing, effectively connecting people to each other during a time of tragedy.  It allows everyone to participate as they can or as they choose. It gives those who are left some control over end of life ceremonies and helps to express feelings and emotions that are often hard to convey.

The green burial movement is gaining in acceptance, as exhibited by the proliferation of green burial areas of cemeteries all across Canada, particularly BC.

Our product:

Flat packed coffin kits are an economical DIY option and a sound ecological choice for a loved one or as part of your own end of life preparations.

Our flat packed coffins are made with a mix of sustainably grown Vancouver Island softwoods: Spruce, Hemlock, Pine and Fir.

Each kit comes in 6 pre-made panels that are easy to put together in about 30 minutes.  In keeping with the green burial movement, our coffins are 100% bio-degradable, which means we use no metals or plastic, plywood, wood finishes or toxic glues.  We use only untreated Manilla hemp rope for the handles, a strong and natural option.