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Sita Then

Flourish Art Therapy

Need some help with change?

Art therapy gives you new ways of looking at yourself and your life.

It gives you a new perspective on your thoughts and feelings and can help you create the life you want now.

No experience necessary: You don’t have to have any experience doing art to gain the full effect of this process.  

A spa for the soul:  The Flourish studio is a warm and private, light-filled space outside of every-day concerns where the focus is on your journey.

Fun:  Although deep issues often surface, this process can be a lot of fun too.

How it works: Making art within an art therapy framework allows us to put some of our biggest fears and issues outside of ourselves, where we can see them with more objectivity and perspective fostering the change you want.  

What I do: My role as a therapist means that I listen without judgment, and support and respectfully guide the therapeutic process towards the goals set out by you.  All interactions with clients is held with the deepest respect and confidentiality.

About me: I am a graduate of The Ontario College of Art (1988) and The Vancouver Art Therapy Institute (2019).  I am a professional member of the British Columbia Art Therapy Association and the Canadian Art Therapy Association.

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