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Monica Parkin

Community Engagement Director

Podcast Host

Monica is a keynote speaker and the host of the podcast “Juggling without balls,” a show about women who juggle it all, from personal lives to careers.

She is also director of Community Engagement at Invis Pacific View Mortgages. Her job involves building relationships in the community, and providing education sessions around new home financing. She also connects homeowners and prospective homeowners up with the mortgage brokers at Invis Pacific View who are the best match for their particular financial situation.  The criteria for everything she does in her business is “what’s best for the client?”

Monica is a farm girl at heart and can be found hanging with her goats and assorted canine companions.

She also enjoys speaking/teaching on a variety of topics, and can customize a presentation to your group including:

  • Upside down networking for introverts

  • Defusing angry clients

  • Growing your business with integrity

  • Speak with power and passion

  • First-time homebuyer seminars

  • Stories from the farm (humorous)

  • Underwriting skills for brokers

  • Living an authentic life

  • Valuing Neurodiversity

  • Juggling without balls – stories from the podcast

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