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The Minerva Award


According to legend, ‘Minerva’ was the goddess of warriors, poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, and craft.

The Minerva Award is presented annually to recognize a member of the Women’s Business Network who gives freely of her experience, time and energy to the organization, its members, and our community.

This individual is someone who has been instrumental in the growth of the CVWBN, who has assisted others in the membership and is a well-respected member of the business community.

The presentation of the award is made at the Annual General Meeting, which is held on the second Wednesday in May each year.


Carol Elliott


Carol Elliott (centre) is presented with the Minerva Award by Deanna Papinaeu (L) and Kelly Phillips (R).

Carol has served the WBN in many ways, including being a Director on the Board, the BOOST committee Chair, and a Director at Large.

Her enthusiasm, wit, and verve supported the continued growth of the WBN throughout the years.

Thank you, Carol, for your committment to helping business women grow and thrive in the Comox Valley.

Honouring Past Recipients


2021 - Deanna Papineau

2020 - Dennyse Harris

2019 - Terri Perrin

2018 - Linda Graceffo

2017 - Donna Lafonatine

016 – Bobbie Norton

2015 – Tara Laderoute

2014 – Maureen Glowasky

2013 – Liz Tribe

2012 – Debi Genereux

2011 – Julie Watkins

2010 – Maggie Komar

2009 – Emma Payton

2008 – Brenda Kelm

2007 – Lara Austin

2006 – Karen McKinnon

2005 – Deb Dewar

2004 – Barb Greenwood

2003 – Audrey Stewart

2002 – Linda Oprica

2001 – Linda Oprica

2000 – Cindy Steuart

1999 – Donna Stevenson

1998 – Marcia Allardice

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