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Michele Henry

Hot Chocolates

368 5th St Courtenay

Michele Henry is the dynamic, knowledgeable and charismatic General Manager of Hot Chocolates and Cakebread Artisan Bakery, located in Downtown Courtenay. 

An 18-year veteran of the 34 year old company, Michele has worked in each and every department. From hand-rolling truffle centres and tying thousands of bows, to managing the production kitchen for 7 years, she’s done it all and has been the General Manager since 2012. 

Michele is a mother of 4 and has spent over 36 years living in the beautiful Comox Valley. Animals have always been a big part of her life and in addition to raising dairy goats, she spent over 10 years as a 4-H leader. Michele is now a volunteer director for the Comox Valley Exhibition and sat as the WBN Program Director for 2017. 

When asked about her success in Hot Chocolates and Cakebread Artisan Bakery, she attributes it to the great staff, quality products and always remembering that an investment in your people and your customers provides the best return. Loving chocolate and croissants doesn’t hurt either! 

You can connect with Michele at or in the shop, where you can find her working with the staff, overseeing departments and possibly, doing a little quality control. 

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