Meredith Rose Ponto

Meredith Rose Photography

Hi there, I’m Meredith! Here’s a little bit about me so that you know if we will resonate with one another. First of all I love love. I live with my heart on my sleeve. I love it when something hits me and I get shivers on my skin and tears in my eyes. I feel deeply and love easily. I see beauty in places that some people don’t bother to look. I crave nature, avocados & chocolate. I love my family, my friends, swimming in lakes on hot summer days, mountains, dogs and babies.

My favourite places to be are cozy at home or outside in nature soaking up the beauty. I love soft pretty things and believe that we are all beautiful in our own way. I think that nothing is as beautiful as the light in someone’s eyes when they are comfortable and happy. I love people watching.

Photography for me, is how I interact with the world around me. I started capturing the world around me when I was 11 and haven’t been able to stop since. I began my passion for photography shooting film cameras and when my Mom gave me my first SLR, (pentax K2) at the age of 21, that’s when I feel deeply in love with photographs. I started out training myself to see beauty in the small places that are very often overlooked. Photography has taught me how to live my life in this way. Looking for beauty. Everywhere.

Eventually, I evolved my craft from Nature to include People. I love going out into a beautiful natural setting with a couple or family and just enjoying some time together capturing the connection and the moments we share. The product of the time we spend together is Life as Art. The memories that we create are beautiful and sealed forever.

I love shooting love of all kinds. Weddings. Engagements. Couples. Families.

I would love to hear from you!

Based in Cumberland, BC, with a love for travel!