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Maureen Glowasky

Grace Cosmetics Pro-Ma Aloe Vera Juice

Grace Cosmetics (A Div.of Pro-Ma Systems) is a business I have been involved with for over 30 years and is still providing me income into my retirement years.


I believe the longevity of Grace is in no small part their ethics in providing not only quality products that are supported by their own Govt Health Dept but their ethics in providing an honest and true business opportunity globally. Driven by a vision to build a company that people could get involved in, feel good about and believe in, Australian founder Val and Sandra Fittler established Pro-Ma Systems as a genuine and highly rewarding business opportunity, which would allow people from all walks of life to attain both personal and financial freedom.They provide an opportunity for anyone of any walk of life to become a wholesale buyer or a business builder without imposed monthly quota rules seen in other companies.

More about Grace Cosmetics

It was in May 1983 that the Company commenced its operations in a small 70 square metre office on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, with just four employees. We now operate across the globe, including New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK, Papua New Guinea, Singapore and Philippines. Canada & USA Head Office & warehouse is in Calgary, AB

The following statement is why I’m so proud to represent Grace Cosmetics. I know I’m providing my customers with the very best quality products on the market today. Products which actually do what they claim to do.

Grace Manufacturing Accreditation

Grace Products are Australian Made and are manufactured (in our own Grace Cosmetics Manufacturing facility) a TGA licensed premises under a strict GMP program.

What does this mean?

TGA: – Is the Australian Government Department of Health Therapeutic Goods Administration (comparable to Health Canada & FDA in the USA) ACO: – Is Australian Certified Organic GMP: – Is Good Manufacturing Practice

All accreditation require annual audits from each of these bodies. Running a manufacturing facility with all these accreditation is highly expensive and only a selected few Australian manufacturers have these accreditation. These regulatory bodies ensure that we practice quality standards and procedures and deliver quality formulas in every bottle of Grace.

  • We market direct to customers (eliminating the middle man costs)

  • You receive your own account to buy and use products at wholesale prices

  • You have the opportunity of setting up a free Online Store

  • One-on-One Training and Company support

  • Opportunity to travel at the company’s expenseI would love the opportunity to meet with you personally and give you more insight about this incredible opportunity

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