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Kelly Phillips

Conscious Coaching Collective

Kelly Phillips is a business and performance coach with the Conscious Coaching Collective. She has been mentored by, and is now working alongside one of the worlds most refined multi-spectrum self development experts, Rhiannon Rees.
Kelly works with people to transform their businesses and their lives. She feels her success is attributed to helping clients to break free of conscious and subconscious self-limiting beliefs around money, wealth, health, success and freedom. This is accomplished through a structured, proven process from the Conscious Coaching Collective.

Kelly is in the business of growing champions with a particular interest in helping those interested in combining business success with self development and ethical actions. This is reflected in her long-time interest working in partnerships helping woman that struggle to access the social determinants of health successfully keep and parent their children.

How would you like to double or triple your income while experiencing more free time, working less, and spending more time doing the things you love?

What’s holding you back from living your best life and stepping into your greatness?

Call Kelly and have coffee.

Take this opportunity if you are sick of where you are and ready to start the life you know you deserve with INCOME WORTHY OF WHO YOU ARE!!

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