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Kayleigh Janssen

Prismatic Creative Co

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You don’t get into business because you want to spend hours tinkering with your website, trying to create a unique logo or trying to grow your social media presence. You do it because you’ve found a way to make the thing you love a reality.

Just like a prism, thoughtful branding and web design disperse your business’ light and vibrancy from all angles. It channels the direction of your brand’s identity, displaying it in the most beautiful and strategic way possible. My expertise in web design, branding and social media marketing allow me to help small to medium sized businesses reach their goals—by translating their brand mission and values into a beautiful online presence.

With Prismatic Creative Co, you’re encouraged to step outside the box while encapsulating your vision at the same time. All while receiving an affordable solution that’s tailored to small business owners.

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