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Jani Martinius

Wayfinder Life Coach

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Welcome! I am Jani Martinius, and I am a Wayfinder Life Coach and Red Seal Carpenter. I build people’s dreams, and I support my clients in building their dream lives.

As a Life Coach, I work with kickass women who base their self worth on their productivity and never-ending to do list. I support them in making decisions that are best for them so they can (re-)discover what brings them joy and freedom.

We don’t blindly set goals, and fail at achieve them. We turn inward, to the inherent knowledge that people have about the meaning and purpose of their life. We rediscover what your True Nature is all about, and then create tiny Turtle Steps towards a life that you love wholeheartedly, and that is aligned with your body, mind, soul and spirit.

And now, I am wondering, what’s your dream, and how are you standing in your own way?

As a carpenter, I work with homeowners within Comox. I beautify their homes, finish the projects that were started and never finished, whittle down the honey-do list, and whatever other ideas folks have for their homes.

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