Dennyse Harris


Dennyse is a Chopra Certified Meditation Teacher, Chopra Health Instructor and Chopra Total Wellness Coach. She is the founder of uBlossom – a community running 6 years strong-that connects women to self-care tools that support a personal daily routine that is practical and sustainable. The uBlossom team hosts many online events and has been hosting powHERful retreats to fuel your MIND, BODY and SPIRIT since 2016.

Let’s return to wholeness and blossom…

Meditation is what leads to the self awareness that makes transformation possible and sustainable.

Meditation is the tool that I personally use everyday to ensure that my daily self-care routine stays on track. My day flows more easily so that I can make positive conscious choices about my nutrition, sleep, emotional reactions and movement.

My lifestyle is my medicine. My health is a process, not a one-time attempt, it’s ongoing.

Whether it is eating, moving, resting or spending time with my family, I can make the lifestyle choices that keep me on track and feeling good, no matter how busy life gets!

Understanding U and becoming healthier does not mean deprivation, in fact I sleep better, I weigh less, I’m less reactive, calmer and I feel less fearful. Mostly I feel alive and full of gratitude for my purpose in life-to help people to build a lifelong, practical, sustainable, self-care practice.

If you are interested in learning more about mediation, perfecting and expanding your practice, wanting to create a daily routine that you can easily manage for the rest of your life or want to join me at one of my incredible retreat weekends-drop me an email!