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Deanna Papineau

Aroma Reiki Healing

Deanna Papineau is a Registered Aromatherapist with the British Columbia Alliance of Aromatherapy & a member of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy.

Deanna helps her clients experience the healing flow of energy, through the power of custom blended Essential Oils and Reiki .Her clinical assessment assists each client’s individual needs. By stress reduction, calming and balancing their emotional, physical and spiritual self. Her blending is through energy communication directly inspired by the plants chemistry. Deanna has over 10 years’ experience, 800 hrs of clinical study, juried research paper, at one of Canada’s excepted schools, West coast Institute of Aromatherapy and many state side seminars training in Chakra, TCM Meridians with Essential Oil use.

Deanna is a Master Level Reiki practitioner and teacher in Usui Reiki. She is a passionate home-based entrepreneur who also enjoys teaching local workshops, bringing awareness, safety precautions, and to have fun learning blending and purposeful uses in the wonderful world of Aromatherapy. Deanna is a Level 3 ski instructor teaching at Mount Washington, and a super mom, living in the beautiful Comox Valley.

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