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Carol Elliot

Metaphysical Minister
Licenced Wedding Officiant
End-of-Life Celebrant

A Celebrant is a person who facilitates formal ceremonies such as weddings, vow renewals, and End-of-Life celebrations.

My legally binding ceremonies offer flexibility that isn’t possible at a church or Town Hall, where opportunities to customize your service are limited. You can personalize the occasion by including special readings or music and customizing the service order. And you may choose to celebrate your big day in the natural surroundings in your own backyard, at one of our beautiful beaches, in a park, on a mountain top, or in a lovely front-yard garden.


Whether you are from different religions, ethnicities or cultural backgrounds, we will incorporate any blend of your beliefs you want.
I am also happy to lead symbolic wedding ceremonies. Symbolic ceremonies allow you to celebrate your intentions to be together forever without a legally binding wedding. I will gladly assist you with every aspect of your wedding, including the finer details of the ceremony, which might include a welcome speech, readings (famous poems, or texts, for instance) to be read by guests or the wedding celebrant, the declaration, vows, and the exchanging of rings. After the happy couple and their two witnesses sign the marriage licence, I will handle the paperwork required for registering your marriage with the Provincial Government
Ministry of Vital Statistics.

I respect everyone regardless of their gender preference, race, background, ethnicity, nationality, or philosophy. All are Welcome.

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