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Adi Bird

Business & Marketing Consultant


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Adicus Bird is a young entrepreneur who discovered her passion for website building four years ago. Initially, she began building websites for her own projects, and it quickly became evident that this was something she truly enjoyed. Adi's keen interest in business and marketing led her down the path of personal training and coaching, which allowed her to spend time learning and studying marketing.

As she delved deeper into the world of marketing, Adi realized that businesses needed to scale using software and marketing tactics. With this realization, she founded Adicus Consulting, a company that specializes in helping businesses scale using technology and marketing. Adi's passion for serving people is the driving force behind her work at Adicus Consulting, and she takes pride in watching businesses succeed with her guidance.

Adi's expertise lies in web design and marketing, and she is dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes achieve their goals. Her experience in personal training and coaching has also taught her the importance of discipline and hard work, which she brings to her work at Adicus Consulting. Adi is committed to providing her clients with high-quality service and delivering results that exceed their expectations.

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