October's Spotlight Speakers

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

Vicki Willems & Kim Sleno


Vicki Willems ~ Arbonne International

Arbonne is a botanically based health and wellness company that launched in 1980. The company philosophy is "Pure, Safe and Beneficial". All products (there are over 400 as of Spring 2017) are certified Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-GMO and several are certified Kosher. There are products for everyone in the family, from babies to baby boomers and beyond. Skincare, Nutrition, and Makeup. Arbonne has something you can use, that you already have in your home but, Arbonne is healthier and definitely non-toxic.

Kim Sleno Photography

Kim Sleno ~ Kim Sleno Photography

Kim started out in the business world and, after facing a health issue, she decided to follow her dream and passion of photography. Kim is now an award-winning photographer with experience in portraits, wildlife, and underwater photography, giving her a unique view of the world. Her portrait studio is located in her beautiful 1911 Victorian home. When working behind the lens she tries to evoke an emotion of a simpler time with women, flowers, and nature because she believes that everyone deserves to have a beautiful photo of themselves.

Since launching her photography career, Kim Sleno has traveled to more than 40 countries while exploring and meeting wonderful people and capturing moments.