February Meeting - A Cure For Clutter

Wednesday, February 21, 2018 - 5:30pm

Jill Brown

About Our Guest Speaker ~ Jill Brown, A Cure for Clutter


According to Jill, we come by clutter honestly.  Many of us grew up in a waste not, want not the environment, where throwing out excess items was perceived as an irresponsible action - which is how our plastic-container cupboards came into existence.

She is very familiar with having too many possessions, Jill arrived in Canada with a single suitcase in 1979, that suitcase somehow evolved into a 3 bedroom home with a garage for storage… of more items.

After moving four times in four years, emptying a commercial storage unit, and systematically creating an easy to use and easy to find filing system for her relative’s paperwork, Jill realized she loved controlling clutter.  

Interestingly, when organizing her in-laws’ basement storage the focus was not to get rid of items; instead, the project was to bring order to 60 years of possessions and make those possessions easy to find and easy to reach.  The number one objective according to Jill is that your home is comfortable, reflects your values and allows you to enjoy both your space and possessions.


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